Created by Aaron Stewart with Tim Harrington and MixedTape Club, METAL HEADZZZ is a series of comedy shorts for VH1 Classic celebrating heavy metal in all its raging, throbbing glory. The stories follow three metal-loving dudes as they dream about their killer band and rock and roll lifestyle. Unfortunately for them, they haven’t gotten around to learning to play any instruments, so their dreams remain fantasies.
This is the second official collaboration for VH1 between Aaron Stewart (director, designer), Mixtape Club (production company), and Huma-Huma (composers), and the metal gods are once again satiated. For now.


Full Credits
Created by - Aaron Stewart and Tim Harrington and Mixtape Club
Director - Aaron Stewart
Creative Producer - Chris Smith
Producers for Mixtape Club - John Holt , Bruce Moreau
Voice Actors- John Holt as ‘Paulie Gold’ Tim Harrington as ‘Randy Swollenblade’ Parker Silzer as ‘Manther’
Song Vocals
Dylan VanDenHoeck
Music and Sound - Huma-Huma
Designer - Aaron Stewart
Storyboard Artist - Aaron Stewart
Editor - Chris Lenox Smith
Animators - Andrew Zimbelman, Aaron Stewart, Efrain Cintron, Mary Varn, Julien Koetsch, Adam Sacks,
Compositors - Andrew Zimbelman, Jesse Casey, Luciano Tapia, Josh Goodrich, Chris Smith, Mary Varn, Julien Koetsch, Sean Moller, Adam Sacks, Paul Vilacis
3d Artist - Sean Moller